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Nancy Hauck

Nancy Hauke, therapist in New Bern, North Carolina
Welcome! I am Nancy Hauck, a licensed clinical social worker. I provide online therapy to adults and couples in North Carolina and South Carolina. Therapy with me is a com­fortable environment where you are empowered to make positive changes in your life.
I am here to help you, your child, and your relationship.

In therapy you can connect with your inner strengths so that you can move forward with living life, instead of just surviving it.

I offer help with relationships, trauma and PTSD, survivors of sexual assault, anger management, anxiety, depression, and more.

I also lead classes for couples looking to improve communication and restart their relationship, as well as classes on anger management and other topics. If your organization is looking for a guest speaker for a workshop on relationships or anger management, please reach out today.

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Use your inner strengths to change your life for the better

Build a closer relationship

Communicate, reconnect, and fall in love again

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Recover from trauma

Get relief for your pain and lead a safer, healthier life

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Control your anger

Process your emotions and respond without anger

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